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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  July 26, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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this election and every election is about who will have the power to shape our children for the next four or eight years of their lives. >> first lady michelle obama delivered a moving speech at first night of the dnc in her case for hillary clinton what she's saying about the future of america. protesters are arrested chaos causing more than 50 people to be placed into custody. people have have been peaceful. >> that was more exciting then when phillies won the world series. >> it is happening, dnc is in fully affect here in philadelphia, and what all of the visitors are saying about our great city. plus demi lovato's very
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personal connection to hillary clinton's call for mental illness a wearness and support. good day it is tuesday, july 26th, 2016, i'm's here live at the wells fargo center. chris murphy is in the studios in old city more quiet right now in both places then it typically is. boy it was last night rocking where you are when michelle obama took the stabling and podium. we will have much more than. that but first the weather. it is much different from yesterday at this time, right. >> that was other rocking which was rocking and rolling of the second round of thunderstorms of the day. we started out very loudly, yesterday. then it was sort of the bookend because day ended with very loud thunderstorms as well. welshing all that has moved off shore, and at least, in our viewing area down around the maryland beaches, it is still, thundering, and as a result we have got some fog especially north and west of the city. so we will watch out for that this morning that could slow
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you down. 75 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-nine in lancaster. we will go further north, comfortable 65 in hazelton. seventy-two in west chester, and 72 in millville and 75 in ocean city, new jersey. so, lewis, delaware has 74 degrees. we also have, 73 in a at atlantic city, we are looking at a very calm conditions, at the airport, and it is still kind of humid, still moisture in the air. we do expect lower humidity though with our high temperature of 96 degrees today, 8:20 is your sunset time. we have more to tell but this continued heat wave even with those thunderstorms so dramatic last night, bob kelly, it will in the cool off a whole lot today. >> i want to show you my red sox, di, my floor director is pointing out. red sox on to match my tie. >> and the pocket square good color coordinate today. >> yes.
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>> 4:02. it is a tuesday and we are back at it, here we go checkpoints remain in effect on i-95. what we dealt with yesterday will be dealing with today. i-95, this is a live look here at northbound lanes at broad street. now they are using the broad street off ramp, first of all closed to vehicle traffic but that is where motorcade and dignitaries where they are taking anybody off who comes up in a motorcade madness like when michelle obama last evening when she came from the airport, into downtown. a live look at center city philadelphia everything is wet. you'll find debris every where. now maybe not just in the roadways but down tree branches, boxes, also just walking up the street here from the parking garage there was a tree branches and leaves all over the place from the storms last night. otherwise kind of quiet on the major roadways, coming from new jersey. we had problems last night on the warminster line, services restored and ready for morning rush hour, chris, back over to
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you. we have live team coverage of the democratic national convention for you this morning. steve keeley is outside the convention center, dave kinchen live on broad street the but let's begin with lauren johnson live inside wells fargo center wrapping around some of the biggest moments of last night and boy michelle obama stole the show. >> yes, she did. it was after a day divided democrats, first lady of the you had gives an emotional speech that reunited the party. her speech touches on the future of america. >> with every word we utter with every action we sit we know our kid are watching us. we as parents are the most important role models. let me tell you barack and i take that same approach to our jobs as president and first lady because we know our word and actions matter not just to our girls but the children a cross this country. kids tell us i saw you on tv, i wrote a record on you for
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school. the kids like little black boy who looked up at my husband and his eyes wide with hope and he wondered is my hair like yours? >> first lady went on to talk about how hillary clinton raised her only child chelsea and how that experience molded her into a good leader. mrs. obama ended with saying clinton's hard work, experience and thick skin are reasons she trust her to lead our country. vermont senator bernie sanders and everyone was waiting to see what he would say after the e-mail leaks, rallies for him, protests, that seemed to divide the party but sanders stood tall in support of hillary clinton says it is not about supporting a person but about supporting the people let me be as clear as i can be, this election is not about and has never been about hillary clinton or donald trump or bernie sanders or any of the other candidates who sought
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the presidency. this election is about and must be about the needs of the american people and the kind of future we create for our children and our grandchildren >> after offering a full endorsement of clinton sanders closed out first night of the democratic national convention last night. before the night ended others stood before the convention sharing their personal stories, one of them a young woman who may not have have enable recognition but she received a standing ovation from the delegates. she's a disability rights add row kate and has cerebral palsy. she said hillary clinton is the best person to, continue and improve upon its legacy. >> when we support education
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and employment opportunities for absolutely everyone more of us will be able to live happy, independent lives and contribute to this great country. i'm proud to be with you, hillary, thanks for showing me how to live boldly with a courageous heart. >> she added she's proud father of immigrant parents and donald trump could never understand her family situation. another huge moment coming from new jersey senator corry booker we will hear from him later in the show about why he says all americans should becoming together. that was last night. what about today. the scene a lifetime of fighting for children and families head lining speakers will include former president bill clinton and mothers of the movement, the mother of eric garner, michael browned and sandra bland all men and women died in police custody as a result of police action. trayvon martin's mother whose
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son died at a george zimmerman will also address the crowd. >> this is not sitting well with the philadelphia fraternal order of police they are criticizing the clinton campaign for not inviting families of fallen officers. speaking of police they were busy as protesters took to the streets at least 50 people were taken into custody and issued citations. steve keeley is live at the convention center with more, good morning, steve. >> reporter: well, lauren, funny thing about those citations they come with the 50-dollar fine that is one dollar less and poor folks in south philadelphia who got parking ticket. so $51 for parking in the median last sunday at 8:00. fifty-one dollars for local, $50 for out of town protesters who got sip tied but not officially arrested. official police word is cited. we also cited them, running for cover during the rape last night. so yesterday we're here at 12th and arch and we will see police are on duty around the
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clock doing their 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. shift right now, 12 hour shifts for police officers, many of these guys and girls do not work in the center city district but coming from other districts as everybody is getting a special schedule for this week in the city, and the police thought yesterday's protest were a lot less than sunday's big protest, going down broad street, in fact, today we will see the biggest protest of the week, protest being titled shut down the dnc, the not scheduled to start until 2:00 o'clock. here's a flavor yesterday, from the police officials in charge. >> buses came in and just for safety we removed them and they will be written up and released. >> disorderly conduct civil citation. >> when you have 34 years of policing you can sometimes guess and have a feel for what will happen? i cannot believe how many
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people approached me and thanked me for what the police are doing. it has been great. >> reporter: here's our favorite protester, lauren a sneak peak at nine year-old connor jared and we will hear from him, read his sign, nice business suit and what is he protesting about at 99 years old. he was -- nine years old. that is reason to tune in at 4:30 other than seeing your beautiful face, lauren. >> you are so kind. we will wait and see what happens with that, thanks very much. philadelphia officials say they treated 41 people for heat related issues or other issues during first day of protest related to the dnc. seventeen were taken to the hospital for reevaluation. they stem from falls, allergies, difficulty in the heat that reached the high 90's yesterday. chris murphy, it is cool here at the wells fargo center but it is because it is not packed yet. it will be for day two.
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>> absolutely, can't wait. thanks very much. sights and sound of the convention are every where you turn in the city, greatest impact being felt in south philadelphia. dave kinchen live with how people there are handling the surge, good morning, dave. >> reporter: good morning to you. if they are out they are trying to dodge mosquitoes and everything and hot stickiness, out here, we can tell you that a lot of people in this area on brought street and south philadelphia they are used to seeing a lot of things this way but dnc axis already creating many memories for better or worse, residents taken in all of the sights and sound from the passionate demonstrations of bernie sanners supporters to police blocking off side streets from protesters looking for parking and blocking off convention traffic, foot traffic to give neighbors some degree of privacy as well. neighbors are used to the so-called street shows with the stadium so close by but here's their take a lot of bernie sanders fans. i haven't seen these many
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supporters for one politician in a long time especially 99 degrees out walking and they are doing a lot of anger, with the dnc e-mails. they have been talking about it, singing about it, stuff like that. >> reporter: broad street has become bernie sanders way, and since he aes thered the dnc last night. and that remain. >> thanks very much. democratic party stealing bern after e-mail leak divided party. can they find it, bruce gordon asked sanders supporters. we will be live all week long, our coverage continues throughout good day philadelphia mike and alex will be live starting at 6:00 a.m., we will be right back.
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as predict we set a new high temperature record, we almost got to the temperature we predict but we did set the record it was 97 degrees officially. record had been 96 setback in 1999? a new one for july 25th. it was a dramatic drop in temperature from that high which hit about 3:00 in the afternoon by 10:00 o'clock it was 75 degrees, thanks to the thunderstorms. now with those thunderstorms we had peak wind gusts of 62 miles an hour, in trenton it was 56 miles an hour and it it was, crazy. here's a look at everything as
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it happened last night, through about eight or nine or 10:00 o'clock the thunder, lightening, the hail, a look at our storm reports as we looked right now at the last of that rain pulling off the maryland coast, these are all reports of the high wind, hail, and storm damage, all throughout the region. so we are looking at places like lansdale and coatsville, that had reports of hail. so we will see none of that today i don't think. we probably will have storms out of our system for now. it is still on the muggy side, 75 in philadelphia, 70 in lancaster. sixty-five mount pocono. seventy-seven in dover. we have fog out there due points haven't dropped a whole lot unless you are north and west of the city with the dew .64 degrees in mount pocono. that is pretty good. ninety-six today. ninety-three tomorrow. ninety-four on thursday. that might be the end of the heat wave.
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we could hit 90 on friday. starting then, actually on thursday we have a pop up thunderstorm in the forecast every single day. it doesn't mean we will get one every single will day but it is still summer in philadelphia and that is how we role, so bob kelly, how is it going about all of those road restrictions. >> we have road restrictions and fog, we cannot see any of the sky line coming into downtown philadelphia but lower, ground level here, it is an example of the police checkpoints that are again, in effect, again all this week. this is the vine expressway leaving town, access to south i-95. overall, roads are opened but it is 5-ton or greater vehicle restriction and it is just not for tractor trailers. we're talking ups delivery trucks. sue, all that shopping you did the other day, all those items will be late, trash trucks, cement trucks, these double tractor trailers, so, we are also dealing with left over,
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it is left overs from all of the delays, that we had last night at philly international, welcome to philadelphia, and staying overnight in town here. watch for relevant i morning delays at, philly international. give yourself extra time, heading to the airport. checkpoint is here on i-95 northbound they are fishing all that truck traffic off at the platt bridge. getting up to that point we saw huge delays yesterday, so give yourself extra time heading i-95 north or south throughout the rest of the week. the lets go to lauren in south philadelphia at the wells fargo center. >> hi there bob. so the democrats divided, day one of the dnc brought out lots of bernie sanders supporters after an e-mail leak caused a little controversy. >> you can make it out people chanting bernie, this is right after doctor san they a hail
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called for unity after a prayer, dnc offered an official apology to sanders called those leak e-mails in excusable. bruce gordon asked sanders support fierce they are still feeling the bern. >> reporter: all over the convention floor are signs that these delegates are not fully behind hillary clinton. but some are still, feeling the bern. do you still held out hope he can be nominee. >> either the nominee or tough presidency and we will have hell to pay and then we will wise even up. >> reporter: leaked dnc e-mails cost debbie wasserman schultz her job and left some sanders supporters bitter. >> disappointed in how all this played out now that you know about the e males. >> i'm not surprised. >> reporter: elect officials spent the evening down playing any rift between clinton camp and those sanders supporters. >> people are always angry
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after a primary because there is winners and losers. unfortunately for them, their candidate didn't win. >> it is a family squabble, just a brother's fight but end of the day we will come together on thursday night i'm sure. >> reporter: sanders himself rally with wednesday fans midday, insisting that the ultimate goal, it is still to beat republican donald trump. >> we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. >> reporter: that luke warm reaction coincided with what we heard back from the convention floor. >> it looks like, secretary clinton will be nominee of the party. >> reporter: does that make you happy. >> i would rather bernie sanders will be nominee but i sure as hell don't want donald trump to be president of the united states. >> reporter: bruce gordon fox 29 news. all right, chris murphy, so a lot happening yesterday, a lot more expected today and we will be here for all of the
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action for the latest. >> we will check back, great time. meantime at 4:21 we have local headlines a man is dead after a shooting overnight in upper darby. this happened just before 1:00 . there was some sort of fight that led to the chase during the chase victim was shot and made his way to the courtyard of the stone hers court apartments where he was shot again. he died at the scene. police are still searching for a suspect. woman charged with kidnapping a new born from the local mall wants her trial moved. cherri amore says quote extensive, publicity will prevent her from getting a fair trial. prosecutors say she abduct the infant from the king of prussia mall's food court and then brought him to an apartment in tredyffrin township. the boy was found unharmed. she previously told detective that she suffered a miscarriage and was distraught over her loss. family and friend gathered to say good bye to one of the slain baton rouge police officers, montrell jackson was killed last week in an ambush
4:22 am
that left two other officers dead. about 2500 people attended that service. large crowd also gathered outside, to listen in. mourners describe the action as a office shore loved his city as well. on the first day of the eagles training camp all anyone can talk about is the quarterbacks. the sports in one minute straight ahead and here are your winning lottery numbers.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. finally here and could not come soon enough, eagles training camp began with rookies a and celebrity veterans but with this team the fan base and more than anything, the media, it is all about the quarterback. quarterbacks were on the field with the rookies, head coach doug pederson has been consistent, bradford number one, daniels two and carson went number three qb. yesterday pederson was asked if sam bradford was locked in as the starting quarterback. >> as i said all along sam's the guy and you have to get through four games in the preseason and going in to september 11th, you know, sam's the guy, sam's the guy, and chase is our number two and carson is number three. >> i'm trying to come out here, get better each day, trying to make and help this team make and win games and do my job to the best i can. that is all i can control.
4:26 am
>> sam's number one. all right. the phillies won last night four to nothing over miami. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. we have lauren weigh in what color was howard's suit, that was awesome. special insight for a kid with the ball, this is at cherry hill mall. not only did he meet ben simmons but he got a nice surprise, number one draft pick took time out, to buy a local kid some sneakers. the 11 year-old was inside a shoe store when a basketball player walk in sometime later after saying hi. simmons bought the boy a $150 pair of sneakers. he also gets a picture of the nba player. that is cool. when you were a little kit did you see dominic wilkins walk around the mall and cool like that. >> i did not see him but i did see david justice once or twice when you are a kid because you look up to that guy. >> he was a great brave and took them to so many playoff
4:27 am
games and the world seer. >> that is right. >> if you do not know the name corry booker last night he made a name for himself, some people were impressed, others not so much. what the new jersey senator said last night that has people talking this morning. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know,
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when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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first lady michelle obama making a case for hillary clinton what mrs. obama is saying about the future of america. also protesters arrested chaos causing more than 50 people to be placed in custody. it is happening, dnc is in fully affect in philadelphia but people who live here think of all of the solicitors to our great city. good day, it is tuesday, july 26th, 2016 i'm chris murphy and our fox 29 studios in olde city, lauren johnson live in south philadelphia, good morning. >> good morning to you, chris. of course it is quiet at this hour, not many people here, you can hear abe see people milling around cleaning up from last night but more expected here for day two, a lot of things happened but it copied what we talk about last year at the rnc. but first sue serio.
4:31 am
only thing competing with the excitement at wells fargo center was thunderstorms that came through last night. they are all gone. we are seeing last of the rain pulling off the coast here, and we are left with clear skies but clouds on the ground. we call that fog. the visibility up in the mountains, and, down the north and west of us, are reduced, that is the word i was looking for reduced visibility. 6 miles visibility at philly international just depend where you go it is patchy that fog. it is 65 degrees right now in mount pocono. trenton has 72. we are muggy in the city, 75. seventy-five in wildwood. seventy-three in wilmington. we will have less humid air rolling into take but not necessarily cooler air, it is still going to warm up nicely. 75 degrees right now with 94 percent relative humidity and sunrise time is official,
4:32 am
days are starting to get shorter. there is still nice and long. and a few areas of fog. that is your tuesday, we have a seven day forecast and end of the current heat wave. not today or tomorrow but eventually. >> we will get some crazy storms last night leaving us with left over this morning not only this your own driveway but on the sidewalk. look out for tree branches, the leaves, maybe was trash collection day, boxes are down the street. here's an example we will deal with all week. northbound i-95, give yourself extra time and expect delays, as awe approach the platt bridge, let's go back to south
4:33 am
philadelphia and lauren at the wells fargo center. hello bob thank you so much. corry booker was a crowd favorite last night during his speech he stressed how important it is that all americans, come together. lets take a listen. >> every american has worth and value, that no matter what
4:34 am
their background, no matter what their race, religion or sexual orientation, love, love recognizes everyone, we as a nation are better together, that when we are divided we are weak we decline but when we are united we are strong. when we are inn devicible we are invincible. >> senator booker was once rumored to be on clinton's short list for running mate. that was last night. what about today. the theme a lifetime of fighting for children and families head lining speakers will include former president bill clinton and mothers of the movement, mothers of the eric garner, sandra bland, all men a and women who died in police custody as a result of police action. they will all speak. trayvon martin's mother whose son died at the hand of the neighborhood watch volunteer, tells george zimmerman sheila dress the crowd. this is not sitting well with the philadelphia a fraternal order of police, they are criticizing clinton campaign
4:35 am
for not inviting families of fallen officers. speaking of officers septa police have been busy since yesterday's kick off of the dnc, at least 53 people were taken in custody during protestness south philadelphia, this is in addition to transporting delegates, keeping trains, buses safe. steve keeley live at the convention center with a deeper security issues, hi there steve. >> reporter: those are police officers not happy about not being represented in terms of the widows and family members. little too bus toy form their own protest group all working 12 hour shifts this week. septa police and philadelphia police as well. in terms of the protesters, our favorite ones so far who was not sip tied and carted off ape cited by anybody is a little kid from connecticut. here is the video, chris o'connell meeting nine year-old connor garrett, they is, dressed in his business suit. only kid in the four mid-atlantic states pushing
4:36 am
100 degrees, dressed in the suit and tie i'm sure. his two sided sign nra kills kids, other sign, look mom, no future. >> tell me what does your sign mean. >> it means hillary or trump become president my future will be ruin report report do you really think that. >> yes. >> reporter: are you a bernie zappedders guy. >> yes. >> reporter: kids focus a during this convention. the chris murphy, i don't know if you can make it the out in the dark a couple signs referring to kids, investing in kids and kids, vote for kid, unfortunately connor can't vote and we cannot vote for him but whether you agree or not he gets my vote for coolest protester in philadelphia. >> if you listened to michelle obama's speech last night theme was kids and most moving things she said was watching sascha and mallia and live in the home built by slaves.
4:37 am
we will have more, coming up in the next hour. thousands that traveled to philadelphia for the convention got smack in the face with heat when they got here in the middle of the heat wave. officials are working to keep everyone safe. police made sure protesters stayed hydrated and nearly 100-. i think sue said we set a temperature record. officials are urging everyone to drink plenty of water. signs of the dnc fill our city, of course, including humidity in the air but south philadelphia is feeling biggest impact of the surgeon of visitors. dave kinchen is following that part of the story. how are they handling this. >> reporter: they were dealing with it as best as they could especially when they had heat and sky fell with the rain but we can tell you that the people here on broad street in south philadelphia they are used to seeing many things but dnc has already been creating many memories for better or worse. resident taking in sites and sound from passionate
4:38 am
demonstrations of bernie sanders supporters and police blocking off protesters, and give neighbors some privacy. people say they are used to the so-called street shows with all of the stadiums so close by. here's their take. >> we see it all the time because of the games. i guess the pope was president as big as this, world series when they had a parade here that was more exciting when phillies won the world series. >> would i like it better if it wasn't here but since it is here, it is here and it has been okay so far. you just can't get in, you can't get out. >> reporter: only question is what bernie sanders will be out here in larger numbers or smaller numbers for residents here to deal with after bernie tried to calm the waters last night. we will see as the day goes on, now back to you. >> interesting now that he spoke during the first day of convention. all right dave, thanks very much. a man is dead after shooting overnight in upper
4:39 am
darby this happened just before 1:00 o'clock in the morning near walnut street. police say there was some sort of a fight to led to the chase and during the chase the victim was shot. he made his way to the courtyard to the stone hers court apartments where he was shot again. police are still searching for a suspect. federal health officials have a new warning about sick, what every pregnant with man need to know right now after the break.
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back at the wells fargo center, opening day of the democratic national convention started with the party divided early in the day over a e-mail leak. later politicians and celebrities spoke and those emotional speeches seemed to unite party again, message to support hillary clinton. maybe one of the youngest speakers here last night an 11 year-old girl who spoke about immigration. >> brave. that is what hillary clinton called me when i told her i was worried my family within deported. even when i was little my friends were always crying but i didn't understand why. but i don't feel brave every day. i'm scared. i'm scared at any moment, my mom and my dad will be forced
4:43 am
to leave. i wonder what if i come home and find it empty. >> how cute was she? that was carla stole sharing her fears about her undocumented parents facing deportation. she appeared with her mother and that is a story shared by so many others in our country. dnc isn't about the politics, later on fox 29 morning news hollywood star shining their light in philadelphia right now and where you can see them in person, we will be right back. how can this have been washed 12 weeks ago and still smell
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welshing they have seep this before and especially during this time of the year but look at these flames traumatic foreign santa claire, california right outside of los angeles this fire continues to burn forcing thousands from their homes. the sand fire has burn more than 35,000 acres, of land, and destroyed at least 18 buildings. officials evacuated 10,000 homes in that fire's path. 10,000 homes. 3,000 fire crews are battling the fire. it its only 10 percent contained at this point. looking at the ten day forecast, sue serio, no rain in the forecast. >> um, um, um. >> it is really, tough to watch that. knowing that there is in rain to make it better. yeah, we wish we could change it but no, record high temperature yesterday with official high of 98 degrees but it looks like record for the next couple days are probably not in danger because they are all in triple digits.
4:47 am
101 today, hundred tomorrow and record of hundred degrees on thursday. temperatures to fall 22 degrees in the space of a couple hours but 3:00 p.m. 97 degrees that was our record. seventy-five by 10:00 o'clock. look at thunderstorms as they came through last night more weather drama just like we had earlier in the day. we had bookend. right now we are not seeing much at all. it is still on the muggy side out there and local storm reports show that we have wind gusts of 56 miles an hour in trenton. mount holly had 50-mile an hour win gust and blackwood, new jersey 51 miles an hour. 1 inch hail in lansdale and coatsville. that was then, this is now. 96 degrees, folks. another hot one. not quite as humid though. if you are 96 degrees still hot the but we will take lower humidity while here. ninety-three tomorrow. then another day of the heat wave on thursday. we could get to 90 on friday
4:48 am
but we have scattered pop up then are storms in the forecast through the weekend and lots of eight's in the forecast as well. bob kelly. >> it is still 88. >> good morning. 4:48 on this let's say tuesday morning we are in good shape, in problems on the major roadway, everything is damp and wet from the storms that held through last night, some debris not only in the neighborhood but also on the sidewalk just walking from the parking lot here on the station, tree branches, and the lid to your trash can probably three blocks away. in my best lou noland impression it is a peco power play, town wires here in bristol and radcliff with local detours. yo south philadelphia, no parking in the median along broad street. i saw this yesterday. what a weird scene, something you have never seen before, no one parked in that center median on broad street between
4:49 am
washington and packer and that will be the deal for rest of the dnc convention in town. they are using broad street as a main thoroughfare between center city and wells fargo center. just watch for that. they are taking vehicles, tickets, towing them. left over from last night we had big weather delays at philly international. so expect some delays this morning, do check with your airline, it is important to realize that the flight from last night had to come into town, in order to be ready for to you leave town this morning. that is really where we will see any delays, getting out of the gate town there at philly international. mass transit the so far this morning, so far so good with no delays. >> hello, philadelphia a. >> yes. >> oh, hand i'm so honored to be here tonight and i'm proud to say i'm with her. >> celebrities are using their voice toss support the
4:50 am
democrats this week actress eva longera here last night and there were several more, convention kick off with philadelphia native boys two men performing motown philly. paul simon singing bridge over trouble the waters, demi lovato performing for first night appearing to the millennials. rosario dawson is in town to show support for bernie sanders. well, expert star gayers say rittenhouse may be your best bet. >> they will be fans of the rittenhouse hotel, they will be staying at the ritz. ritz is so luxurious and also the logan which is so luxurious. so, those three help tells don't have delegates staying in them. that is a big clue to me. >> many of these celebrity are attending private clubs, parties and they are closed to the public and, of course, to the press but chris murphy, i heard yesterday at the gym people seeing famous faces in our local star bucks stores.
4:51 am
>> really. >> do you care to dish. >> yes. >> who are you talking about. >> people trying to get caffeine to stay up all day and night at the convention. >> who were they, dish. >> a couple of news personalities from other networks. >> no wonder you are not saying. >> we're more caffeinated then they are, how about that. thanks, lauren. we will be right back. speaking of caffeine as i try to segway into your health much of the nation is in the grips of what forecasters are calling a heat dome, a prolong exposure of high heat and humidity can have i'll affects on the healthiest of people. health professionals is a very young and old and those on certain medications need to be watched, carefully, in this extreme heat. illnesses such as heat exhaustion and stroke can come on more quickly for people in these other groups. >> they are telling thaws children up to four and those older than 65 tend to struggle with the heat a little bit more than others and that has to do with how their body can
4:52 am
respond and adapt to the heat changes. >> experts urged people, of course, if you you are outside drink plenty of fluids and take breaks back in the air conditioned building. in the next hour it is not all politics here in town, ahead some of the circus taking over the city that could make it hard for to you get around.
4:53 am
4:54 am
welcome back. lets look at your top stories, big moments of last night demi
4:55 am
lovato made a personal connection for mental illness awareness and support n her speech she said that she was lucky to get treatment for her by polar disorder at a top facility. lovato urged people to break stigma of mental illness and urged politician toss support laws that will provide access to better health care and support for everyone. meanwhile, alycia keys called on hillary clinton to apologize for former president bill clinton's policies of mass incarceration he put in to place while he was president in the 1990's. keys said that donald trump was a law and order candidate and said fact that crime decreased over past several years in the united states meant that his assessment of crime in the u.s. is now inaccurate. comedian sarah silver man who said that she was a bernie sanders supporters is proudly voting for hillary clinton and said that the former secretary of state listened to the voices on have people who were also bernie supporters. silver man then called out people who were fans of the
4:56 am
bernie or bust movement. >> can i just say, to the bernie or bust people, you are being redick lust. >> former comedian, al franken to her right. she went on toy say there should be unity between sanders and hillary supporters. philadelphia's own boys two men got to the dnc start and they started it yesterday with this with a surprise performance they sang their 1991 hit motown philly. how fun is that. >> wouldn't it be great if they were still hanging out. you look even better, with a giant beautiful head in this giant monitor, i can make out every single pour. >> i don't know if my head can get any bigger. >> i just peak over what is going on, all of those big michelle signs that people were throwing around last night. they are picking them all up.
4:57 am
lovely ladies and gentlemen down here are cleaning up big mess from last night. we will tell but action last night and preview for today coming up but first dave kinchen. >> reporter: that is right, neighbors here in south philadelphia they are seeing this all and taking it in. we will tell but this traffic and where it ranks in all of the south philadelphia memories after the break.
4:58 am
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with this election and every election is about who will have the power to shape our children for the next four or eight years of their lives. >> first lady michelle obama delivers a moving speech at the first night of the dnc in her case for hillary clinton. what she's saying about the future of america. also protesters arrested chaos that caused more than 50 people to be placed in custody people are afraid. they have been very peaceful. >> more exciting then when phillies won the world series. >> it is happening, dnc is in fully affect here in philadelphia, what people live here, think of all of the visitors to our great city. and demi lovato's very personal connection to hillary clinton's call for mental illness and support. good day it is tuesday, july 26th, 2016. i'm live from south philadelphia at the wells fargo


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